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Morocco Winter Hiking in the desert

This Moroccan adventure holiday begins from Marrakech. We wil drive through the Atlas mountains to a desert camp at Merzouga Dunes. We will have here an unforgettable journey in the desert, we will meet a traditional Berber cook team and Sahara camel guide. We will have to walk for around 4 - 5 hours per day camping on the open sand of the dunes, under the stars.

We will discover the tasty tea with the local crew around the campfire. Then, we will go hiking on little-used trails and watching the sunset between the highest dune-crests which are all part of this magical desert holiday. Later, we will reach a high point at the great dunes of Znigue, this will be walking holiday you will never forget!

Camel trekking in Morocco Moroccan tea Trekking in Merzouga

Take into account:

We will walk for 4 - 5 hours each day over a variety of terrain (from hard rock to soft desert sand). All our camping and personal equipment will be carried by our camels, so it is only necessary to carry a small day-pack with daily essential stuff (water, bottle, camera).

Winter daytime temperatures in the desert are not so hot and walking at this time of year will be quite comfortable. We camp in the desert for 3 nights at a equipped desert camp with shower facilities.

PRACTICAL INFORMATION : Please be sure to bring with you:

  • Soft travel bag + small backpack
  • Walking shoes (light to the desert to the mountains rising more)
  • One sleeping bag, flashlight or headlamp
  • Plastic bottle gourd or solid
  • T-shirt and sweatshirt sweater or fleece
  • A warm jacket and waterproof
  • Work pants, “bermuda” shorts
  • A cap or scarf, sunglasses
  • A tube of sunscreen, toilet and a towel
  • Change of clothes (depending on how many days you making trek)​
  • Your personal belongings (identification documents, insurance documents and assistance, etc.)
Nomad family Sunset in the desert Erg Chebbi desert

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